About Wall Street

I’ve been reading uncountable reactions in mainstream media about OWS and it’s amazing how they completly, totally, miss the point. Sometims, they think the OWS guys are hippies and, as if being a hippie were sufficient evidence that they’re wrong, dismiss them. Another times, they’ve asked for a proposal, so politicians coulde try to enact some laws to satisfy them and they could go back to home.

And despite noticing that all these reaction were so wrong, in many ways, I couldn’t articulate myself a consistent criticism to this view. Needless to say that that’s what ideology is all about: to block your capacity to articulate in a meaningfull way alternative thinking to reality.

It’s thus very gladly that  I’ll point to you – and myself – a text that was able to put well what  I couldn’t do by myself. Hat tip to Cosma Shalizi.

ps.: If you read the post and came back here, I’d like to add a few things. The metaphora of Diablo II is amazing. I played the game, however I didn’t experience the problems she mentioned because I played a hacked (aka pirate) version of the game. I didn’t use the battlenet, but only played with a few friends, that didn’t cheat at all. So, by being outside of the thriving ecology, I didn’t experience the boom neither the burst. Would it be a lesson for some sort of protectionism?


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Corinthiano, Bayesiano e Doutor em ciência Política pela USP.
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