That modeling feeling and lost in translation

With some delay, my Friday post (on Saturday!).

Andrew Gelman linked to a post by Kaiser Fung in which he described three hours in the life of a statistician (or data scientist, as Fung put). The post by Fung is really nice, but much better is an older post, by Gelman himself, which he linked as well and it’s titled “that modeling feeling“*.

If you ever worked with statistics for real, you’ll surely recognize what Gelman is describing. What he describes, by the way, is one of the reasons why nowadays I prefer programming rather doing statistical analyses. When you program, at some level at least, you can be confident that the program you coded does what you think it does. With statistical models, this is rarely the case.

*He’s obviously alluding to the famous music “that loving feeling”, and I found it perfect. This pushed me to launch here a new game with you, my readers. Once a week I’ll pick one word in English that I like and I don’t know a good translation in Portuguese and vice-versa (from Portuguese to English). I’ll call it the lost in translation game. Today’s word is ‘overreaction’. In movies, they sometimes translate it as exagero. But something is lost in translation. And my Portuguese choice of the day is capricho. Please, let me know if there is a proper translation of capricho to English.

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Uma resposta para That modeling feeling and lost in translation

  1. Rafael disse:

    No sentido pejorativo, dá pra associar capricho a whim, mas não lembro de uma palavra que, além disso também transmita a idéia de cuidadoso, bem feito. Se você aceitar a tradução para uma personalidade, proponho esta aqui (para as duas acepções):

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