To the (truly?!) geekies out there

Via Xi’an’s blog, I found this Phd Thesis. I just took a look at the abstract. It’s a combination of Bayesian statistics, machine learning/Artificial intelligence and Real-Time-Strategy Game MMOPRG (see comment below)! And the game in question is StarCraft! One of my favorite games of all time. Anyone in the audience who cares about StarCraft, Bayesian modeling and machine learning? I don’t know you, but I envy this guy/girl. What a subject for a PhD thesis. Much better than studying why countries commit to patents treaties = )


Sobre Manoel Galdino

Corinthiano, Bayesiano e Doutor em ciência Política pela USP.
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4 respostas para To the (truly?!) geekies out there

  1. Rafael disse:

    Engraçapo eu nunca me interessei por star wars, mesmo tendo um perfil meio geek. Não assisti nenhum dos filmes nem tenho vontade.

    A tese parece ser bem feita, mas tem uns gráficos bem horrorosos.

  2. Hi, StarCraft is a real-time strategy (RTS) game. I started my thesis working on MMORPG though, maybe that’s what got you confused! 😉

  3. Sorry for the confusion! Actually, I miscalled StarCraft as a MMORPG because a confusion of mine about the concept of MMORPG. I didn’t pay attention to the RPG part of it. = )

  4. no prob 🙂 It was just a precision.

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