Sentences to ponder

Look, the current system is filled with bright, capable people and produces good work at all levels. But the incentives for learning are seriously messed up. Consider failure, for example. Failure is an important part of the learning process, but students have no real opportunity to fail in a constructive way without potentially substantial consequences. Homework should be a mechanism for meaningful practice with the ideas in a course, but you’re caught between two hard places. Put too much weight on it, and it becomes more important to students to finish it correctly than to understand it. Put too little weight on it, and the other demands on a student’s time dominate practice.

by Christopher Genovese, at his personal site (in 2006?).

Sobre Manoel Galdino

Corinthiano, Bayesiano e Doutor em ciência Política pela USP.
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    Republicou isso em Coding.

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