Random Thoughts on Trust and Transparency

Secrets undermine trust. And yet, the demand for transparency comes from no other place than lack of trust. To trust is to accept the opacity, lack of transparency, of the other. Thus, it seems that there can be no trust without transparency, and yet trust implies acceptance of lack of transparency.

In personal relations, we need to start with trust, because the stranger is almost 100% opaque. As the stranger gets familiar, our trust increases, because we know more. The other is more transparent. But, then, we accept some opacity, because we trust.

In society, where relation is with many, there can’t be enough familiarity with everybody to ever trust. At least, not a trust based on knowing well the other. Then, the demand for transparency. So, relationships with the many start on transparency, not on trust.

That a lot of people mixes the public with the private is not a surprise.


Sobre Manoel Galdino

Corinthiano, Bayesiano e Doutor em ciência Política pela USP.
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