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In terms of practical political implications, we conclude that voters will learn about true values of fundamental political variables if given enough competitive information and time. Thus, we suggest caution to campaign reformers who advocate shortening campaigns due to the disengagement or increased cynicism of the electorate. In this analysis, time is information – and length of the campaign helped voters to make use of important electoral information. Shorter campaigns may produce ‘happier’ voters, in the sense that they do not watch leaders attacking each other for so long; but shorter campaigns may also produce less ‘enlightened’ voters who don’t know as much about the candidates and issues facing them.

Do artigo “Does Campaign Length Matter? Testing for Cross-National Effects“, de Stevenson e Vavreck (2000), no British Journal of Political Science


Sobre Manoel Galdino

Corinthiano, Bayesiano e Doutor em ciência Política pela USP.
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